Infographic: The Truth Behind Working From Home

Image: Infographic: The Truth Behind Working From Home

The pros and cons of ‘Working from Home’ (WFH) are hotly debated, and a new study released today by us here at Altodigital, is set to add fuel to the fire, with slacking off, naked conference calls and napping all common-place from workers up and down the country. Check out…


Top tips for office printing best practice

Image: Top tips for office printing best practice

Saving costs as a business is always a priority, and no matter how big or small your organisation is, financial prudency should always be at the forefront of staff minds. We know it can be tough to alter a print culture in the workplace, so it’s often easier to…


Medical uses for 3D printing

Image: Medical uses for 3D printing

Here at Altodigital, we know the everyday importance of print, and the huge role it plays in all our lives. It therefore comes as no surprise that 3D print technology has played a critical role in helping to reshape the face of a motorcycle accident victim.  We’re all aware…


Cutting NHS administrative costs

Image: Cutting NHS administrative costs

Last week, we spotted this news article which examined the state of NHS spending, focusing in particularly on the amounts of funding wasted when it comes to clinical practices within hospitals. However, putting aside the potential cost savings made by altering clinical practices, there are also potential savings to be…


Print solutions for the healthcare sector

Image: Print solutions for the healthcare sector

For any NHS Trust, keeping a lid on costs is vital, and having a sophisticated print and document infrastructure in place is central to this. We often see Trusts with a large number of outdated print devices that vary in speed and quality, as well as a range of brands…


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