For many businesses, making improvements to document infrastructure in order to cut costs is becoming a priority, especially for more senior organisational staff. However, it’s often the case that for the business, the biggest challenge in delivering change is bringing staff on board with the culture change associated with…


A strategy for dealing with culture change

Image: A strategy for dealing with culture change

For years employees may have had their own print devices, situated conveniently and used on demand whatever their requirement. So how does an organisation overcome resistance to change when device numbers are reduced and new technology is installed? A new print solution will enhance an organisations productivity and makes life…


In any business, money is important. If steps can be taken to reduce outgoings, then the the chances are that senior figures within the organisation would jump at the chance to keep money within the company. Print and infrastructure adjustments are one simple cut, which can help you make savings…


Is cloud storage the path to the paperless office

Image: Is cloud storage the path to the paperless office

Talk of the paperless office have been rife for years, without anything ever really coming to fruition; however, in some sectors, the progression of technologies is aiding to minimise the amount of paperwork used internally. In this interesting article posted by ZDNet, it assesses how the financial industry has implemented…


Economical advantages to office paper reduction

Image: Economical advantages to office paper reduction

To many of us, paper is seen as a genetic expense of business, unavoidable, inevitable and only a minor expenditure. If you’re a member of staff, you probably think it’s only a minor detail of your job, and printing is a necessity; however, what most people don’t…


Altodigital Walk for Dreams

Image: Altodigital Walk for Dreams

On Sunday 21st September our Midlands Sales team completed the “Walk for Dreams” in aid of Promise Dreams. Promise Dreams is a charity for critically and terminally ill children that provides them with services such as household renovations & life facilitating equipment or the chance to have a last family…


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