What do Document Management Systems actually involve?

Image: What do Document Management Systems actually involve?

Document management systems can revolutionise your business but what do they actually entail and what should you expect from a really good solution? The first stage should always be a thorough investigation of your business infrastructure evaluating your workflows, processes, usage pattern and the associated running costs. It is essential…


Make an Impact on the Bottom Line by Reducing Print

Image: Make an Impact on the Bottom Line by Reducing Print

Anything that could potentially have a negative impact on your bottom line has to be taken seriously. In these tough times it’s more important than ever to ensure that your business is operating at optimum capacity, efficiency and effectiveness. The administration of organisational processes is not at the top…


Our very own Rich George-Higgins is taking part in the Lakeland 50. The Lakeland 50 is a challenge to run over the Lakeland, completing the final 50 miles of the 100 mile course. Taking part and completing the challenge in 2011 Rich is keen to finish the course and raise as much money as he…


Why you need Document Security Solutions

Image: Why you need Document Security Solutions

Do you know who manages your print environment? No - well you’re not alone a surprising number of businesses know very little about their print infrastructure even though it is a potential security risk. Does your business handle confidential material, personal data and/or financial information? If you don…


Top Ways to Reduce Print Costs

Image: Top Ways to Reduce Print Costs

We often find that many businesses have absolutely no idea how much their print environment costs them on a day to day basis. There are many hidden costs associated with print infrastructure such as wasteful workflows and processes that are often ignored or are not even on organisations radars. Minimising…


Businesses are under ever increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit towards preserving and protecting the environment. It’s not only regulations and public opinion that are causing many organisations to consider embracing greener practices for many the rising cost of energy prices are having a…


Top Tips on Choosing Print Management Software

Image: Top Tips on Choosing Print Management Software

Print management software can revolutionise your business from streamlining and rationalising your workflows and processes, to improving your green credentials and improving job satisfaction. But with a wealth of solutions and software to choose from how do you ensure you make the right choice for your business? Here at Altodigital…


Managed print services can make a huge impact on your business increasing productivity as cost effectively as possible. But what do you need to think about when selecting the right managed print services for your organisation? There are three main issues that they should solve for you: Wastage Amazingly most…


Do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in paperwork? Are you and your staff wading through an administrative nightmare on a daily basis? Well you’re not alone – amazingly £42.2 million per day is wasted by SMEs searching for documents. Most business owners would see such a misuse of time,…


Print Cost Savings that Make a Business Difference

Image: Print Cost Savings that Make a Business Difference

In these tough financial times many businesses are looking to make savings wherever they can.  An area most don’t consider is their internal workflows and processes and in particular their print infrastructure. A surprising number of organisations have no idea of the true cost of running their print environment…


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