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Altodigital provide a comprehensive range of products and services to address the needs of UK businesses.  Our solutions are carefully formulated for each client to help improve organisational efficiencies, business productivity, reducing costs and streamlining processes.

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IT Managed Services

IT Network Support

Altodigital provide flexible, tailored IT support, where we can manage individual aspects of your network as an extension to your IT department or the entire network on your behalf.

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Disaster Recovery

There are many ways that a business could encounter a “disaster” that could result in the loss of data and applications. Are you prepared?

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Business Continuity

It’s one thing to recover from a disaster, but keeping your business and workforce running efficiently throughout the experience takes disaster recover to a completely new level.

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Cloud Applications

More businesses are opting to rid themselves of managing and maintaining servers and applications in favour of quicker and more cost effective cloud based computing.

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Constantly trying to manage your own physical IT devices and buildings can be time consuming and tie up valuable finances.

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Open communication is essential for any business – it keeps staff morale high, encourages good working relationships and makes employees feel comfortable and ready to share and co-operate.

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Leased Lines

Our internet Leased Line offers direct connectivity to the internet through a dedicated line.

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Network Security

One of the most important areas for any modern day business is security.

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With virtualisation, not only can you consolidate network assets, storage resources and server infrastructures, you can also significantly reduce your risk and improve reliability.

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Wireless Networks

As employees become increasingly agile, workspaces now need to be designed to deliver more versatile Internet coverage.

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Communication Solution Brochures

Business Phone Systems

In a world that never sleeps, effective communication counts. Any lack of ability or downtime when it comes to your business telephony can have serious operational consequences and significant financial implications.

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Unified Communications

We live in a 24-hour society when the office never shuts and efficient and instant communication has never been more important.

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Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), we can deliver your phone service through your internet connection, instead of through your analogue phone system.

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Virtual Contact Centre

Our virtual contact centre (VCC) provides seamless integration and connectivity with all of your contacts, including overseas.

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Document Management Brochures

Storing & Archiving

Securely storing documents is vital for any organisation that manages sensitive HR, customer and/ or financial data.

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Scanning & Digitalisation

Any lack of business efficiency or management when it comes to giving your customers and staff what they need, can damage your reputation and your results.

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Document Centric Solutions

We specialise in implementing efficient document centric solutions that help businesses to create, control and more effectively manage and share important data – with their customers and employees.

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Document Workflows

Paper-based systems and document processes are widely regarded as being inefficient and costly in today’s changing landscape.

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Quality Management Systems

Go paperless with a fully mobile solution to simplify your compliance requirements.

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Office Supplies Brochures

Paper Supplies

There’s nothing worse than receiving a quotation or proposal from a business on paper that looks dog-eared, grey and frankly dull!

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