Print Audits

The Imprint concept is strikingly simple. We will conduct an independent and thorough investigation of your existing print fleet. We will analyse the usage and cost of every device and calculate precisely what you spend on paper, consumables and power. Only by seeing the ‘total picture’ and fully understanding the efficiencies and costs involved can realistic propositions for change and savings be made.


Saving money, time
and the environment

Once implemented we can guarantee that the recommendations we make will generate a difference that is immediately noticeable. You’ll see visible reductions in operational costs, and possibly in leasing and rental expenses too. You will also discover you’ll be paying less for paper, consumables and power. In addition, by enhancing workplace efficiencies and reducing technology downtime your staff will also be able to dramatically improve their productivity.


Putting you in control

With all the information that the Imprint report will provide for you, plus the expert recommendations that are also included, you have the perfect platform to manage your print fleet and keep it operating at the optimum level. Under usage will be eliminated. Productivity maximised. The capital cost of each device will be governed and the rising costs of paper, power and consumables will be brought back under your control.


Optimise your view

The main point to stress is that the Imprint audit is based around a physical survey conducted by highly experienced specialists. This includes a full floor walk, which considers the location of each device and assesses whether it creates user difficulties and if it could be re-sited for greater efficiency. This process helps you understand the print issues of today, and how we can help you improve your office infrastructure in the future to maximum effect.


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