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UK SMEs waste a staggering £42.2 million per day searching for documents. Yes, every day!

Many of these costs are hidden in inefficient, time-consuming paper based processes. Others are sunk costs, but can be freed up; for example storage and property expenditure. Worse still, the volume of paper records is still increasing steadily in 56% of organizations and the volume of electronic records is “increasing rapidly” for 70%.

Where’s that bit of paper when you need it?

With Invu document management software, each and every order, receipt, invoice, fax, email, picture, diagram, presentation’s you name it, is sorted and stored electronically. No more filing and storage. No more hunting high and low. No more red faces in front of your clients.

You can tailor Invu to suit your workflow to ensure processes are adhered to, creating a watertight audit trail. You can even use it to track information from the other side of the world. Single office or a global network, two employees or 20,000, with Invu, you always know where you stand.

Save time

Forget filing and photocopying. Forget writing labels really neatly on the side of boxes. With Invu, everything’s stored on your computer. And arranged so that you can find what you’re looking for instantly.

Improve your service to customers

Everything about a particular customer – or a specific job – is immediately to hand. So you can respond to queries on the spot. You’ll never say “Can I get back to you on that?” again.

Reduce costs

Free up storage space and use it for something more profitable. Spend your own time bringing value to the business rather than doing administration. And keep an eye on projects so you can catch any problems before they get out of hand.

Get more from your staff

How much time do your staff waste every day doing unprofitable and boring things like admin? You’ll pull off what sounds like the impossible, raise productivity and have your staff thank you for it.

See a fast return on investment

Here’s the best bit. Invu doesn’t require a root and branch overhaul of your current computer system. It works alongside – and gets more value from – your existing business software. And it doesn’t even take much training to learn to use it. Typically, Invu will have paid for itself in less than six months.

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