Print Management

Print tracking solutions record all print activity information, down to individual jobs and users. With highly accurate reporting tools you can constantly optimise costs and print services.  Many companies have no way to monitor their printing costs. With print tracking you can quickly and easily retrieve an accurate benchmark report that provides an overview of current print costs.


Document Management

Relying on paper documents — and the monumental inefficiencies and costs associated with buying, using and storing paper — is a losing proposition. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the environmental concerns. A better strategy of adopting a document management system automates the entire process of capturing, organising, accessing, viewing, collaborating on, updating, integrating and customising information.


Workflow Management

Dealing with the daily influx of print and digital information – in multiple formats – is daunting. Yet even in this environment, making sure that documents are easy to find has to be balanced against the need for client confidentiality, security and regulatory compliance. Document management solutions provide instant access to structured and unstructured documents, so your staff can get critical data from anywhere.


Capture & Distribution

Changing the way you distribute information around your business could help you to improve productivity, meet compliance issues and reduce your impact on the environment. A suite of products ensures that whichever way you want to enhance efficiency, there’s a document solution to help you do it.


Security Management

Secure pull printing frees users to output documents at the printer of their choice, and ensures confidentiality by only sending jobs to print when the right user is physically at the printer. This reduces the waste and expense of abandoned print jobs, while adding great flexibility and security.


Software Partners

We offer an independent approach to document software solutions, selecting a range of partners to work with to offer fleet management, output management and document management solutions. All the products that we provide go through a rigorous testing process and are approved for integration with hardware from the leading manufacturers in the marketplace, enabling us to offer bespoke hardware and software solutions tailored to each client’s specific requirements.


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