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Understanding the Public Sector

The public sector is as diverse as the private sector. Yet there are certain characteristics that are shared by all public sector organisations whether they are in the healthcare, education or government sectors.

These include:

  • Limited budgets
  • The need to handle and secure confidential data
  • E-government
  • Performance targets
  • Public accountability
  • Sustainability targets

As an accredited Buying Solutions supplier, Altodigital can help public sector organisations improve their performance in all these areas and reassure stakeholders that money is not being wasted in uncontrolled printing and unnecessary paper-intensive processes.

Printers and multifunctional devices can enable customers to streamline workflows, increase productivity, improve security and reduce costs. When such technology is implemented as part of a fully managed services the benefits are even greater.

Our experience shows that by measuring, monitoring and controlling printer estates, organisations can reduce costs by as much as 40%, whilst improving productivity and reducing their environmental footprint.

Offering a fully managed service

Gartner estimates that printing costs account for 1-3% of company turnover, but that they can be reduced by up to 30% through better device management.

Our own experience shows that savings of up to 40% are achievable.

Delivering a fully managed service to provide:

  • Fleet audits and device optimisation to reduce the number of print devices deployed
  • Outsourced device management, with a single point of contact for all consumables and servicing requirements
  • Printer controls to reduce the consumption of paper
  • Electronic workflows to speed up business processes and promote smarter printing practices within organisations

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